Moving Specials (October 2014)

6-Week HCG Program…$229
Lose up to 30lbs in 30 days with our advanced hcg program. Get 6 weeks worth of highly potent pharmaceutical hcg. Includes initial doctor visit. Regular: $600 ($100 per week)

Afraid of needles, but want the same benefits of injectable hcg? Try our oral hcg drops. $45 for one bottles ($68 regular).

Home Detox Pantry Raid…$75
Ever wonder if the food you purchase from the grocery store promotes optimal health? Now you can stop guessing with a personalized home visit and pantry raid! One of our board-certified physicians will visit your home and clear out your kitchen of all disease-promoting food and beverages. Regular: $285

30-min Acupuncture Session…$45
Ever wanted to give acupuncture a try? Now you can experience the benefits of this powerful treatment at a highly discounted rate. Regular: $85

Hydrotherapy Treatment…$45
Using the principles of hot and cold water, hydrotherapy is the most beneficial immune stimulating treatment available. Regular: $85

Microneedling Facial with Hyaluronic Acid…$149
Reduce fine lines, scars, and wrinkles while rejuvenating your face with our advanced microneedling facials. Regular: $385

All moving special offers must be purchased by 10/31/2014 and redeemed by 12/31/2014.
Patient waiting list for laser lipo treatments is 4 weeks long.

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