Corporate Wellness Program

Increase Employment Engagement

A healthy and thriving company starts with a well-balanced, high-performing team that is ready to take on the tasks at hand to reach your business goals. Our Corporate Wellness program can help your executives and employees achieve optimum wellness and promote a culture of healthy living.

The Prolete Health Corporate Wellness program offers yearlong wellness coaching with a private doctor. Your executives and employees will enjoy unlimited doctor visits, unrestricted, direct access to physicians and health professionals, and an annual wellness exam. Your team will always receive the highest level of care and service 365 days a year. Whether you offer Prolete Health as an employee benefit that is partially or completed covered, our model of care will boost wellness and help enhance engagement & productivity.

Additional Benefits
♦ Same-day or next-day appointments that start on time to reduce out-of-office time for employees. We even have plans that include travel directly to the workplace

♦ Extended office visits

♦ Quick referral to a specialist for any specific medical needs

Our innovative approach to primary care works. Companies that enroll can expect significant reductions in hospitalizations and hospital readmissions.   We have strong results in keeping health conditions under control.   More and more companies are turning to Prolete Health for their Executive or Employment Wellness programs.

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