Primary care: blast from the past

No copays. No contracts. No kidding.

Do you remember when you didn’t have to wait 3 weeks before being put onto an appointment schedule? How about the days when you could call your doctor directly with any health concerns? Well those days are back, and it’s termed direct primary care. Direct primary care refers to general care that is offered directly to you, the patient, without insurance intervention. No middle man here! Instead of your doctor working for an insurance company, your doctor works for you. What this translates to is quality, routine care at a much more affordable cost.

Our center offers direct primary care to patients of all ages. Rather than paying for each visit, patients pay a flat monthly fee for unrestricted access and unlimited care. You’ll enjoy more time with the doctor and overall more personalized patient care.  To top it all off, we’re one of the few naturopathic direct primary care centers in the nation.  We’re blending the best in care with the perfect model. Our patients are loving it, and we think you will too.